About Us

Incredible Makeovers has been a Godsend for me. I first met Theodore Kelsick when I needed help after I had to fire a really poor contractor mid job. Theodore was able to step in, produce a beautiful design with very high quality construction for a reasonable price. Since that time they have done two other remodeling jobs for me with the same level of quality and reasonable pricing. Theodore is knowledgeable, forward thinking, and conscientious.

- Jacqueline Jone

Kelsick RE Design & Construction is a licensed and bonded builder/remodeling firm with deep connections within the Southern California real estate industry. 


Starting almost 30 years ago as real estate brokers and remodeling consultants,  the team at Kelsick RE now specializes in the building and remodeling of homes, condos and multiple units in any condition. 


From the smallest touch-up job to the largest design or construction project, you can expect the same level of care and commitment from each member of the KRE team. 


If you are considering a remodel in preparation for selling your home, adding on to make room for a growing family OR just need some guidance with a problematic project, you've found the right partners. Call KRE today.

My Story

It was just after 7am on a Saturday morning and I was about 11 years old.  I remember my mother waking my three siblings and I with these words: “The concrete truck is here. Justin is sick. Get up and put some clothes on…we got work to do.” 


Thus began another day with THE SARGE...the strongest, most direct and awesomely nurturing mother I could ever imagine God might create. She was tough, but always fair. Stern, but always sensitive to our needs.


You see, after our father passed, my mother, who was already a hands-on landlord (owning and managing 4 properties), was left with 4 kids to raise. With no other family nearby, she ran a tight ship. Failure was never an option. Getting out of line was not permissible and if something needed to be done, it just got DONE!


We had long outgrown the small three bedroom house we lived in, so she decided that she would design and build a 1000 square foot addition...HERSELF!


That fateful morning, my brothers and I rolled grudgingly out of bed to replace Justin, the job foreman responsible for getting the concrete poured and laying the 480 concrete blocks that would become the foundation of our expanded home. No time to dilly. When there's work to be done, pull up your big boy shorts and dig right in!


​That was over 40 years ago, but I still remember that early morning like it was just yesterday. It’s become the foundation of how I work, but more importantly, the way I think. In my view, the opportunity to have a job and your ability to get up and go to work on THIS DAY...is a gift! I've instilled this same work ethic into every member of our team. No whining, no excuses! When we are hired to do a job, we just get it done, period!


If you are thinking about a remodel, struggling with what to do with an odd space OR just need someone to help bring that weird dream you keep having into the light of day, just remember...there are still some GOOD, SUPER CREATIVE, HONEST, HARD WORKING PEOPLE out there. I am one of them!